One of Lexie's goals as a speaker is to help you meet your goals. She is more than happy to incorporate themes and hit specific points that you believe your audience needs to hear most. If you do not see the specific topic you are looking for but still feel that Lexie would be a good fit for your speaking needs please fill out a contact form. 


"Lexie spoke to my speech class at Volunteer State Community College in Gallatin, TN about human trafficking in March, 2015. Her presentation was heartfelt and powerful. I will definitely invite her back to speak to future classes. Lexie first learned about human trafficking in my class in 2009. She says she felt God's call to this ministry at that time. I recommend her without reservation.

- Ben Jobe, Adjunct Professor of Communications

"I have had the privilege of hearing Lexi speak and share her testimony, in both a large conference setting; engaging community leaders and adults, as well as a school assembly environment. Lexi has an effortless ability in communicating not only the depth of the issue of human trafficking, but her own stories make it very personal. I would encourage others to invite her to speak and look forward to having her back again."

- Kristin Lipscomb, Pastor Liberty Church



Living Undefined

Lexie knows what it means to have life kick the crap out of you and come out on the other side stronger. During this talk she shares how she grew out of hardships to the point of living undefined by them. She has experienced growing up in a divorced home, incest, sex trafficking, many psychological and physical issues that have at times been crippling. No one walks out of this talk feeling hopeless.

Yes, You Can

This talk will throw gasoline and a match on the hesitation that holds people back from making a difference. It paints a picture of the impact of one to many. How a single decision or moment can have a huge impact. It’s high impacting for anyone who needs belief built. Whether they are on the edge of wanting to start something or are fatigued from serving. Lexie’s belief in others ability to grow in capacity is contagious.

Becoming an Advocate

The goal of this talk is to move a community from curiosity into action. It’s designed for those who long to understand an issue and the guidance to start addressing it. Lexie creates a safe space for questions, conversation, and brainstorming. People walk into the room paralyzed with overwhelm, and out feeling like they understand the issue as well as what can be done about it.

* Any of these talks can be crafted for faith communities. Lexie is also welcoming and excited to anyone who would like for her to share a sermon to their congregation.


For more information on human trafficking, please visit:

Polaris Project

Shared Hope

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