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My name is Lexie.

The first thing you should know is that I am a dog person. Second, I love communicating stories and connecting to others through a variety of mediums.

I started in 2013 in social media and blogging. Taking on the persona of different brands and bringing it to life through my personality is one of my favorite things. I gotta be honest, my copywriting is fantastic, but so is my visually creative eye.

Beyond my content creation skills lie my sweet spot, leading creatives into producing a beautiful product. To be honest, I am obsessed with strategy and driving the clarity required for a team to get to the finish line, proud and effective.

If you need a creative wonder woman, I’m your gal.


 I have written for the purposes of web, blog, social media ads, organic social, email, radio ads, and more for the following clients and more. If you would like to read some of my work, email me at lexie@wearehercollective.com. Please let me know what you are interested in seeing so I don’t send you seemingly senseless articles or copy points on dogs… or something that won’t help you determine if I can help.

Web Copy

I pioneered the first user generated campaigns for Endorsed Local Providers. The two below are my favorites. You can see the entire web page by clicking on them.

Each also had paid social and email components, as well as storybranding and production work.

Social Media Design

Video Production